Pearl Laser Treatment

Years of basking in the sun can really take its toll on your facial skin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon performs a procedure on one woman using the Pearl Laser to treat the discolorations on her face.

Dr. Ordon explains that the treatment addressed Stephanie’s brown and red spots, improved the texture of her skin by eliminating her fine lines and reduced her pore size. “By treating you with this laser, we replaced all of your outer skin — the epidermis — and at the same time, we put heat into your dermis, which causes your own skin to produce collagen and tighten up the elastin,” he says.

Plus, the procedure was virtually painless and required only three days of downtime.

Dr. Ordon also used VISIA Complexion Analysis to take ultra-violet images of Stephanie’s skin before the treatment. “She had a ton of freckles. She had fine lines affecting her texture, and she had significant and large pores on her skin,” Dr. Ordon explains. “Huge difference from the before and after,” Dr. Ordon says.

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