A New You Facial

Many women constantly strive to look younger, and one place they focus on is their face. Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon demonstrates the new Glymed DermaSound Elite, a new ultrasonic machine for performing facials.

“Based on an ultrasonic system, it does three things,” he says. “By creating an ultrasonic wave, it exfoliates your skin. That means it’s cleaning, it’s getting rid of that dead skin. It opens up the skin and actually allows moisturizers to penetrate deeper, and as we know, it’s all about moisturizing. And third, it actually helps to tighten the collagen in your skin. It’s sort of three systems in one.” He adds that he’s had the procedure performed on his face.

Lisa, whose skin suffers from sun damage as well as red and brown spots, undergoes the facial by Dr. Ordon. “The first thing I did was exfoliate and remove that dead skin, get rid of that outer layer, and then I added the moisture back into her skin with this polypeptide recovery complex,” he explains.

Lisa shows off her new face and says, “My skin feels fabulous. It’s smooth.”

The DermaSound treatment usually begins as three sessions, with a follow-up session once a month. Each treatment costs $100 to $200.