The Oxygen Facial

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Are you looking for non-surgical ways to make your face look more youthful and less tired? Award-winning actress Valerie Bertinelli is, and plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon introduces her to an oxygen facial, a treatment that puts moisture and volume back in the face without needles!

A serum infused with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and green tea is sprayed on the face and then pressurized oxygen helps calm and cool the face. The serum penetrates the skin to help plump up wrinkles.

“I see a difference in my skin,” Valerie says. “It may not be obvious to a lot of other people who don’t look at your skin every day, but I see a difference, and it makes me feel good.”

Hi-Tech Oxygen Facial
Skincare specialist Mimi Dakar, co-founder of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic, performs the clinic’s specialty treatment, the Oxygen Facial. The facial utilizes pressurized oxygen combined with a Retinol compound and antioxidants to help restore hydration and plumpness to skin cells. It only takes five minutes and to make you look five years younger!

“Any person, at any age, is a perfect candidate, because there’s no downtime,” Mimi says. “It’s so skin-friendly, so someone with really sensitive skin to someone with severe aging is a perfect candidate for this treatment.”

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