Nutrition Tips from Rachael Ray

• For the picky eater in your family: If you’re making a pasta dish and using a sauce that can hide the color of the noodles, then use whole wheat pasta. If you can see the color of the pasta, start mixing in whole wheat pasta so your kiddies can see that it tastes the same. It’s a great way to put more protein in their diets!
• Add in servings of sweet potatoes when serving potatoes.

• Send your kids off to school with some lunchbox sushi. To make, simply roll out soft, whole wheat bread like you would roll dough, drizzle on some mustard, sprinkle in some shredded veggies and thinly sliced deli meats, wrap it all up, slice on the diagonal, and voila! Lunchbox sushi!
• The more colorful the food, the more nutritious it is. The next time you’re in the grocery store, park the cart and say, ‘Kids, what colors do you want to eat today?’ And let them choose. That way they’re part of the whole process.”
• Get creative when you’re making food for your family. “You’re only limited by your imagination!”