The Raw Meat Diet

You may have heard of the raw food diet, but the raw meat diet? While The Doctors do not endorse it, Aajonus, 61, claims eating raw meat, poultry and eggs saved his life. The diet consists of uncooked and unprocessed raw food and advocates claim that the benefits include improved digestion, better weight management and nutritional value, and reduced risk of disease. Proponents of the diet contend that raw foods contain enzymes which are said to act as catalysts to regulate the digestive process in the body and that cooking the food degrades those enzymes.

Aajonus says that cancer brought him to the verge of death when he was 20. He also struggled with juvenile diabetes and angina pectoris when he was a teenager and says he had 300 heart attacks by the time he was 22. His cancer resurfaced 10 years later and Aajonus says he felt fighting it again would be difficult. He was told that eating any uncooked food would kill him, so he began doing just that. “I ate the raw meat to kill myself,” he says. “And it did just the opposite. It invigorated me for the first time in my life. I didn’t have to worry about my obsession with eating.”

Aajonus buys his raw meats from specialty stores, and eats that plus one fruit a day. He also drinks vegetable juice.

“All the respect to you and what you’re doing,” Dr. Travis says. “But I do not recommend this to anyone at home. A raw meat diet runs the risk of so many bad things, like salmonella, among others.

“I’m not saying this diet for you isn’t a wonderful thing,” Dr. Travis continues. “But this is a dangerous diet for your average person. In the E.R. I have taken care of people who have almost died from eating raw chicken.”

Dr. Lisa warns that eating raw meats during pregnancy can cause birth defects.