Summer Fitness Tips

Alison Sweeney’s Summer Fitness Tips
Actress, TV host and mother Alison Sweeney joins The Doctors to discuss how she maintains her health and fitness while balancing the pressures of work and parenting. “Fitness is so important to me, not just because of my job, but because I think it’s important to be a healthy family together,” Alison says.

Watch Alison’s top tip for new moms!

Swimming Machine
You don’t have to get drenched to go swimming anymore. The Vasa Ergometer is a machine that allows you to swim in mid-air. It measures your stroke power accurately, improves stroke technique and gives you a good workout. Because the variable airflow wind resistance system makes you feel like you are swimming in
 water, nearly every
U.S. Olympic swimmer trains with the Vasa Ergometer. A bar can be attached to the machine to make it a simulated kayaking experience, as well.

“This is actually a very natural resistance,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says while rowing on the machine. “It really feels just like I’m on a real kayak in the water. And the harder you stroke, the more resistance it is.”