Abs-solutely Perfect

Have you always wanted killer abs, but just can’t seem to get them? How about fixing your love handles and beer gut for good? Now there’s a solution.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon explains a technology called Vaser liposuction, a plastic surgery option for men that melts the fat and contracts the skin at the same time.

Avi works out constantly, but had trouble getting definition in his abs. He had the new VASER® Hi Def LipoSculpture procedure done, and said it was relatively painless. Vaser Hi-Def claims to enhance muscular definition that is often hidden beneath fat.

Avi, his fiancée Rebecca, and his plastic surgeon,
Dr. John Millard joined The Doctors and had his final bandages removed. With his “six-pack” clearly visible, Avi sees his before picture compared to his new abs, and cannot hold back his joy, flashing a bright smile as he gives Rebecca a kiss.

“[It’s] lipo for the physically fit,” Dr. Millard said.

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