New Year's Resolutions


Do you live in Los Angeles and are ready to begin a new life for the new year? Are you prepared to start a new chapter in your life for 2010? What is your motivation? Why this year? Why now? We want to help you start the new year off right, so if you see your 2010 New Year's resolution below, write in! We want to hear your story!


Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?
No more gimmicks, no more trends; The Doctors wants to help make your 2010 smoke-free. If it's time for you take control and quit your smoking habit, let us help you.

We are looking for people who are ready to quit smoking to participate in an upcoming show. We have the most effective program and we want it to work for you.

Tell us your story. We want to make your 2010 New Year's Resolution to quit smoking last a lifetime.


Do You Want to Be Less Stressed?
Are you a busy mom who puts herself last and is feeling completely overwhelmed? Is your job demanding and extremely stressful? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired because of your stress? Do you want 2010 to be stress-free? Write in and tell us your story!


Do You Want to Lose Weight?
Do you want to fit in your skinny jeans and drop that excess weight? Are you ready to make a lifestyle decision and change your body dramatically with diet and exercise? Are you tired of being overweight year after year? Do you want 2010 to be the year you look and feel your best? We want to help you get there!
Tell us your story