If you're looking for a great workout, or just a new, fun way to move through your environment, freerunning may be for you. Freerunning is a total body workout that combines stunts, gymnastics and intense cardiovascular training. The urban acrobatics transforms city streets into a personal playground. An hour of the activity can burn up to 700 calories!

Watch Team Tempest perform freerunning
on The Doctors stage!

Team Tempest teaches The Doctors freerunning basics!

"It's a lot of fun training, a lot of playing and just being creative with yourself and movement and looking for a good workout," says Team Tempest member Paul Darnell.

Paul says that while the acrobatics look dangerous, he hasn't suffered any serious injuries. "Usually the injuries that you pick up from freerunning, if any, are sprained ankles, bruises, scrapes and bumps," he says. "Freerunning is actually good for everybody. It just starts at a different level and you work your way up.

"[It's for] all shapes, sizes and genders," Paul says. "Freerunning is the art of movement, learning how to move through your environment."