Anti-gravity Yoga
This trend may just turn your idea of yoga upside down! Anti-gravity yoga combines yoga and Pilates, but adds an AntiGravity Hammock, which is a structural fabric connected by two overhead points that acts as a swing or soft trapeze. In an anti-gravity yoga class, people hang upside down and swing around on the hammock. The program is designed to help realign the spine, relieve tension in joints and balance the brain, all while defying gravity. “As you age, [yoga is] really, really good, especially for your posture, your flexibility,” says OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson. “It’s so important.”


Yoga can reduce stress, but it may be even more effective when performed on water. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears gives it a go!

A Dr. Ruth Sex Tip
"For more fun between the sheets, add some yoga to your daily routine. It not only gets the blood pumping, which helps with arousal, but stretching promotes more flexibility, which comes in handy."

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Laughter Yoga?It's fun and it's funny! See how humor can play into the many health benefits of yoga.

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