Boost Your Bust

Looking for a non-surgical way to boost your bust? Check out these options.

Boost Your Bust
Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon explains that breast tissue is comprised primarily of glands and fat. The muscle sits below the bulk of the breast, so no amount of exercising can help lift or shape the bosom. Once breast tissue sags, surgery is the only permanent option to restore fullness.

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson advises that the best way to prevent sagging is to wear a well-fitted bra.

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High-Tech Bra

Nikki demonstrates a new bra by Natori that cuts her bouncing motion in half and cuts the side-to-side motion by 80 percent. Nikki says she can feel the difference.

A quick and easy way to add volume and lift to your bust is to use Bring It Up sticky pads. The pads lift the breast tissue and reposition the nipple for a fuller, more youthful appearance.

A Non-Surgical Solution
Dr. Ordon explains the CACI treatment, a new, non-surgical option for obtaining larger breasts. Using electrical stimulation, breast muscles and fibers are tightened to fill and lift each breast in just 15 minutes, for results that last three to five days. Amy, 29, has a 30-inch bust and undergoes the procedure to add an inch or two. See Amy's results!

"It doesn't hurt," Amy says. "It's just a little zap and a little stimulation."

• The non-surgical way to increase cleavage.

Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement
Natalie from North Hollywood, California writes:
I’m self-conscious about my small breasts but scared to go under the knife. Is there any way to increase my breast size without surgery?

Dr. Ordon explains how the Brava Breast Enhancement and Shaping System can be used to boost your bust without the costs and concerns of surgery. Unlike pills, creams and/or padded bras, the Brava System is equipped with two dome-shaped suction cups that exert gentle, sustained, 360-degree tension around the breast tissue. The company claims that the pressure and stretching of the tissue stimulates the body’s natural growth and healing response, which causes cells in the breasts to replicate. This process may result in larger, fuller breasts over a 10- to 14-week period.

“It’s similar to a technique we use in breast reconstruction called tissue expansion,” Dr. Ordon explains. “You’re more likely to get a good result if you have some breast tissue to begin with,” he adds.

The Brava system is said to be pain-free, and it is recommended that it be worn for a minimum of 10 hours a day. In addition to breast enlargement, the Brava System is also recommended for women who want to restore the appearance of their breasts after breastfeeding and to reverse the effects of age.

Botox Breast Lift?
Plagued by sagging breasts? Some doctors say you don’t need augmentation surgery — just get a Botox shot! Dr. Ordon says these injections are great for wrinkles, but don’t actually perk up drooping breasts. Botox can be used to lift the pectoralis major muscle, located beneath the breast tissue. This may allow a woman to stand up straighter, which gives the appearance of firmer breasts. However, the procedure is not approved by the FDA and Dr. Ordon cautions against putting Botox into the chest cavity.

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