Can Botox Boost Your Mood?

Botox can eliminate wrinkles, eradicate fine lines and even cure headaches, but new research suggests the cosmetic filler may also boost your mood. A study to be published in the journal Psychological Science claims that Botox injections may delay patients' recognition of anger and sadness around them. Forty first-time Botox patients were read a happy, sad or angry statement and asked to push a button to indicate their comprehension of the statement. The patients took longer to process the sad and angry statements than the happy ones. "I don't really understand this," says E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork. "It's an interesting idea, but I will say, I wouldn't go get Botox to better your mood. That's probably not ideal."  "What they're saying is it's working centrally," says plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon. "By changing your facial expression, it affects your mood. "It probably does put you in a better mood if you feel better about the way you look," Dr. Ordon adds. "It's like doing your hair, your teeth, whatever else."

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