5 Reasons Napping Is Good for You!


The Doctors are here to help you feel better about that afternoon nap!

According to CNN's sleep experts, "Napping has benefits that could help you level up in your overall health and productivity," -- so there should be zero-guilt about getting a few zzz's if you need it.

Most experts say a nap should not exceed 45 minutes (or it may affect how you sleep at night) and say the benefits of napping include:

Helps with the time changeDaylight Saving Time just stole an hour of sleep and if you are still feeling tired, getting a nap in can help you make it through until your body adjusts.

Gives the brain a recharge: If you are feeling foggy or unfocused, studies have reportedly shown a 40-minute nap can improve someone's alertness, and may last for hours after waking up. 

Better heart health: A study found that people who napped 1 to 2 times a week (even for just 5 minutes ) lowered their risk for a heart attack and a stroke.

Help you avoid eating too much: If someone is sleep-deprived it can lead to poor food choices, particularly items high in sugar, fats, and caffeine. Also, the experts note when someone does not get enough sleep, it can lead to overeating because it is believed to stimulate feelings of hunger and suppress the body's hormone signals that tell us we are full.

More mental agility: A study in 2020, found people who took afternoon naps (also seen in people who napped for just 5 minutes!) saw an increase in over mental agility, which includes our ability to think, learn and absorb new information.

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Playing Why Napping Might Be the Break Your Body Needs

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