The 5 Do's and Don'ts of Living with an Ex After a Breakup

Playing How to Establish Healthy Relationship Boundaries and Stick with Them

Poor Pam! She sends a video to The Doctors asking how to establish healthy boundaries while living with her ex. She moved across the country to live with her boyfriend and they just broke up! 

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The Doctors have psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major in the studio to share with Pam these five do's and don'ts for establishing boundaries while living with her ex-boyfriend:

#1: Don't Let Him See You Naked
Men are visual creatures and giving him this liberty may make him assume other liberties are to come.

#2: Don't Share the Bathroom
This implies a level of intimacy that is no longer appropriate given the situation.

#3: Don't Spoon
Dr. Ish sounds like Dr. Suess as he explains spooning should be done "not here, not anywhere!"

#4: Do Implement the Friend Zone Hug
You know the casual "two taps and you're out of there" hug. Nothing else!

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#5: Do Have Plans on Weekend Evenings
Those times that are classical "date nights" need to be filled. Even if it's a solo dinner or movie, Pam needs to send her ex the strong signal that she has other places to go and other people to do it with!

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