Calming Your Fussy Baby

Many parents struggle to keep their baby asleep through the night. Learn simple ways to keep your child quiet and happy, so you can feel rested.

Certain noises around the house, such as the hum of a blow dryer or the swish of a washing machine, can ease a fussy baby since they mimic sounds heard in the womb. A quiet house is the last thing to keep babies asleep, since even the smallest sound can wake them.

For a more innovative solution, The Zaky is a human hand-shaped pillow designed to absorb a parent's scent, and weighted just enough to feel like a parents' touch. Moms and dads can place the pillow around the baby so it conforms to the body and helps him or her feel comfortable and protected.

Dr. Travis says to make sure The Zaky is properly placed, so as not to cover the baby's face and prevent the risk of suffocation or strangulation.