Junior Firefighter's Fight for Life after ATV Accident

Playing Junior Firefighter Fights for His Life!

The Doctors share an inspiring update on Wyatt, the 14-year-old junior firefighter who was involved in an ATV accident that left him in critical condition.

His family says the tire of the ATV spun on Wyatt's face while he was trapped under the vehicle. After the ATV's engine died, he was able to free himself and then had to hike a quarter mile for help. The teen was airlifted to a trauma center.

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The accident left his left hand and right side of his face degloved and exposed his skull.

Wyatt is still in the hospital, but he and his mother Michelle join us remotely from The University of New Mexico Hosptial to share an update on his recovery.

"I'm doing pretty good. I have good days and bad bays but I'm just excited to get back home... every day is getting better and I feel stronger every day," he tells The Doctors.

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Wyatt says he thinks the skills he learned as a junior firefighter helped him during the accident, explaining that he began hyperventilating during the incident and his training helped him remember how to stop it.

Michelle says doctors have told her they are unsure if Wyatt's vision will be impaired or not. She says he has numerous surgeries still to come and his team of doctors has said they will do everything in their power to restore his face and his vision.

The Doctors surprise Wyatt, who loves to play the drums, with a drum set from The Guitar Center, along with 3 months of drum lessons. Also, our friends at Albertsons Market make a generous donation to Wyatt's medical care.

To donate to Wyatt’s GoFundMe: Fighting for Firefighter Wyatt, click here.