Is the Viral 'Egg Challenge' Dangerous for Dogs?

Playing Dangerous Online Dog Challenge?

The Doctors welcome veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan to answer questions about your pet's health.

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Is the "egg challenge" -- where a raw egg is placed in a dog's mouth and they try to not break it -- dangerous?: Dr. Halligan stresses this viral trend is, in fact, dangerous. She explains that this challenge could be putting your dog's life at risk due to the possibility of choking. She also notes that salmonella poising could occur along with the possibility of the dog inhaling the egg yolk into the lungs and aspirating.

Are essential oil diffusers dangerous for your pets? And are certain oils worse than others?: Dr. Halligan says she has seen cases of pets having seizures due to inhaling the oil vapors and from getting into the concentrated oils in the diffusers. She notes that tea tree, citrus, peppermint, and pine can be extremely dangerous for pets. She suggests using very diluted oils and only using in a well-ventilated room where the pets do not enter.

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She says signs your pet may come into contact with essential oil include: drolling, dilated pupils, convulsions, falling over and burns on mouth or nose.