Daycare Waxes Toddler's Eyebrows?

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Playing Daycare Waxes Toddler’s Eyebrows!?

The Doctors discuss the case of a mom who claims a daycare waxed the eyebrows of her 2-year-old daughter.

The mom claims when she went to pick up her child that there was redness between her eyes and that her brows had been waxed.

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The daycare reportedly said an investigation took place and denied any wrongdoing in the matter.

Looking at the before and after photos of the child, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says, "Something happened at some point in time and clearly it looks there very well could have been some waxing done."

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The Doctors explain that the mom reportedly contacted the police, the daycare directors, child protective services, and the state department of early learning and she claims she was not taken seriously about the alleged incident.

Dr. Travis notes that waxing can be very uncomfortable. Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho says she feels an adult subjecting a child to their own beauty regime is "very uncomfortable" and notes that it could be traumatizing to a child.