The Surprising Body Part Celebrities Are Tweaking to Look Younger

Playing The Body Part Celebrities Are Giving an Anti-Aging Fix

The Doctors are joined by plastic surgeons Dr. Jason Diamond and Dr. Garth Fisher to share the body part that some celebrities are treating to look younger and it might surprise you!

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Laugh lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles might be areas that first come to mind, but plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon reveals that many stars are getting work done on their earlobes.

"People don't think about earlobes aging," Dr. Ordon says, explaining that lines can form and that their shape and size can change as we age.

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Dr. Diamond says this occurs due to a loss of elasticity and volume, along with the wearing of heavy earrings. These can all cause the lobe to droop.

The plastic surgeons say there are easy treatments like a simple injection of fat or fillers for those without a develop earlobe. And for a lobe that is too large or a descended lobe, a fix can be done in the office and only takes 15 to 20 minutes for each ear.

Dr. Ordon explains this procedure will cost "a few thousand dollars."

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