Is Your Inexpensive Mouth Guard Ruining Your Smile?

Playing Could Your Mouth Guard Ruin Your Smile?

Are mouth guards actually ruining your smile? The Doctors welcome dentist Dr. Mark Burhenne to discuss the possible dangers that can be associated with the inexpensive versions of the device meant to help with teeth grinding.

The Doctors explain that some people are buying cheap mouth guards, often purchased online, which can have disastrous results.

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Dr. Burhenne tells The Doctors that many over-the-counter mouth guards can be "dangerous" if the device causes your jaw to sit in the wrong position.

"It's much better to seek out a specialist," Dr. Burhenne says of finding the right mouth guard, adding, "Go seek out the person that has made thousands of these devices."

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He also notes that before he equips a patient with a mouth guard, that he rules out if they are dealing with sleep apnea because the guard can interfere with the thrusting of the jaw which he says helps to open up one's airway.

With quality night guards costing anywhere from $650 to $800, Dr. Burhenne says if someone cannot afford one to ask your dentist for a bruxism guard, which he says is better and more accurate than a "boil and bite" mouth guard and only costs approximately $250.