5 Signs of Healthy Skin

Playing 5 Signs of Healthy Skin

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Can you name 5 signs of healthy skin? If not, chances are you may have experienced at least one of these skincare concerns.

Rosa, 27, tells us she has oily skin and always feels the need to blot to avoid looking shiny. Stella, 58, shares that she has rough skin and wants it to be smoother. Jen, 37, says she has dry skin and feels applying makeup can be difficult. Jenss, 35, reveals that her skin is uneven. Amber, 41, tells us her skin feels dull and she longs for a radiant look.

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra is joined by dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio to help with the women's concerns.

"They are not alone. I see this all the time in my practice. Skin can become imbalanced due to stress and hormonal changes as well as external conditions, such as pollution and the weather," she says, explaining when skin becomes imbalanced it can appear rough, oily, or uneven, which can affect one's overall appearance.

Dr. Batra says rough skin like Stella’s can be caused by the buildup of dead skin cells which may mean she may need to exfoliate more often. In Jen's case, a certain amount of moisture is needed in your skin to avoid dryness. For Rosa's oily skin, Dr. Batra says this can lead to enlarged pores, blemishes, and even blackheads.

Dr. Mauricio explains, "When skin is healthy, pores aren’t as visible and skin appears more radiant. And although some people may associate radiance to youth, I want to tell Amber that actually radiance has to do more with one’s overall complexion, rather than age. So, there's hope for all of us."

Dr. Batra share tips to keep skin looking healthy, which include:

  • Don’t use hot water when cleansing as it can remove skin’s natural oils.
  • Avoid junk food as they can increase the risk of dark spots and can cause pimples and blackheads.

"I always tell my patients, what you put on your skin is also important," Dr. Mauricio adds. She has teamed up with the makers of YourGoodSkin and recommends YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate for healthier skin.

Dr. Mauricio shares that it is available at Walgreens and Walgreens.com for under $20. A study, conducted by YourGoodSkin, found the following results:

  • 94% showed improved skin texture
  • 96% showed improvement in skin dryness
  • 80% showed improved skin radiance
  • 94% showed less oily skin
  • 71% showed more even skin tone

See the video below for more about the "Your Good Skin Community," which is comprised of thousands of women who have been frustrated with their skin and looking for answers.

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