Celebrity Workout Trends That Anyone Can Do!

Playing Celebrity Workout Trends for 2018

The Doctors welcome fitness trainer David Kirsch, who authored "Ultimate Family Wellness," to share some workout moves that most anyone can do.

The trainer, who works with Jennifer Lopez, Margot Robbie, and Britney Spears, says less is more when it comes to workouts.

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"The 2-hour workouts are gone. When Jennifer [Lopez] comes in, we do a 30 to 45-minute workout," he says, explaining he likes truncated sessions that target a specific zone. Some moves that he uses with his clients include:

"Platypus Walk": He says this move tones J.Lo's famous backside. David explains the low squat technique works the inner thighs and lifts and tones the butt. He notes this move can be done anywhere and no gym is required.

"Plank with front and side lateral": David explains that he uses this full-body plank workout with Margot, but that anyone can do it. The move consists of doing the plank on one arm and a side lateral with the other arm. He notes that if a plank is too difficult, the workout can be done on your knees. He also says that you can use very small weights or even a water bottle for the lateral.

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"Glider pike with knee-tuck": A move he says he does with Britney to help her get her rocking abs is simply using two hand-towels placed under your feet while doing a plank and then brings your knees up towards your chest. He says this will help work your arms, abs, and core.

He adds, "Respect your body. Listen to your body. Move your body, no matter what your age, [or] what your fitness level."