Trendy Fitness Products Put to the Test!

Playing Belt to Improve Your Booty?

The Doctors welcome sports medicine practitioner Dr. Levi Harrison, who wrote "The Art of Fitness," to test out some trendy new exercise devices and determine if they are a BUZZ or a BUST?

Does a booty belt tone your backside?: Kate Hudson reportedly uses the device to tone her backside, but does the device work? Dr. Harrison says that devices like this -- which uses resistance -- can help shape and tone, but he says that you can really exercise anywhere using your own body weight for resistance. The Doctors also note that another option is a resistance band, which is much less expensive than a booty belt and could have similar benefits. They deem for the average person that a booty belt is a BUST.

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Device to help with squats?: The Doctors note that a device can sometimes hinder learning the proper form of an exercise. Dr. Travis explains that squats are not simply about toning your body, but also help to ensure that later in life you can get up out of a chair properly. Doctors producer Shima tested out the product and says she felt that for people who are used to doing squats, that this device was not helpful, but say this might be helpful for beginners. They deemed this a BUST.

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Dr. Harrison also shares his top moves for overall fitness, which are the burpee and a plank. He feels that combining these two exercises help with core strength, upper body strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

Check out the video below to see sports medicine practitioner demonstrate how to do a proper burpee!