Nap Time Tips for the Child Who Refuses to Rest

Playing How to Win the Nap Time Battle

Nap time can seem like a battle with your little one! The Doctors talk to family physician and parenting expert Dr. Debi Gilboa, who shares tips on how to win the sleep war with your child.

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Dr. Gilboa suggests having a plan in place for when your child protests the nap. She also says to be as "boring" as possible with the child right before nap time and to use a calm and quiet voice when it is time for a rest.

She also encourages parents to teach their kids that cues from their body, like yawning and eye rubbing, are signs the body is tired.

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The parenting expert also explains that routines are important. She suggests if a parent reads a child a book and sings a song, this repeated routine will become associated with nap time and can help communicate to them that they are expected to then rest. She says the more routine the parents are, the better the nap time experience can be.