Treating a Wound

Movie Medical Advice
The way characters handle medical situations in movies may be entertaining … but it’s not always right. The Doctors re-enact popular movie scenes, and demonstrate what the actor should have done, and explain how their actions could put their health at risk.

Treating a bleeding wound.

Dealing with an object impaled in your body.

Wound Care

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains when you should put a bandage on a cut or scrape, and when you should let it breathe.

Wound Assessment
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon demonstrates the BYR system, a color-coded wound classification utilized by doctors and nurses to assess healthy healing from infection and disease.

• Learn about the PICO negative pressure wound therapy, used to prevent infections and improve healing.
• How to stop a cut from bleeding.
• Does your cut need stitches?
• First-aid for a lacerated artery.
• How to fashion an emergency tourniquet.
• Is it harmful to lick a wound?