Can a Video Game Help with a Child's ADHD?

Playing Could a Video Game Treat ADHD?

Could a prescription video game possibly help treat the millions of children suffering from ADHD? The Doctors welcome psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli to discuss.

Dr. Sportelli explains the video games use brain training theory and the company claims that the game can improve cognitive function by progressively challenging your mind with various mental exercises.

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"It's kind of like going to the gym for your brain," he says.

The company conducted a study with 348 child subjects and had them use the video game 5 times a week for 30 minutes and claims they saw improved attention, improved memory, decreased impulsivity, which Dr. Sportelli says is "promising" data.

But are there any drawbacks to a prescription video game for ADHD?

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Dr. Sportelli says that while the research has been promising, he notes that it is not known how what is achieved by playing the game will translate to real life activities, he says he would like further studies and a deep look at the data. He also notes that telling a child they have to play a video 5 times a week, might seem like a "chore" to the child, and he worries this could cause them to not be compliant to the treatment.

Check out the video below to hear The Doctors and Dr. Sportelli discuss whether ADHD is something that affects adults or a sign of a different underlying issue.