Can Sleep Apena Cause Bed Wetting?

Playing How Common is Adult Bedwetting?

The Doctors welcome pulmonary and sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta to answer a question from a viewer regarding adult bed wetting.

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The 25-year-old mom emailed us revealing that she often wets the bed. She tells us that she's unsure why this is happening, saying she's way too old and way too young to be a bedwetter.

Dr. Raj explains that one possible reason for wetting the bed could be obstructive sleep apnea, which he says can lead to higher levels of the hormone atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), which can cause someone to dump out the salt in the urine and create the urge to urinate.

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He also says that because she is a "reproductive age" that the bed wetting could be due to bladder issues like overactive bladder syndrome.

Dr. Raj explains that overactive bladder syndrome is something that can be treated.