Can Woman's Severe and Painful Bunions Be Treated?

Playing My Foot Pain is Unbearable

Alison has come to The Doctors in hopes of finding a treatment for her severe and painful bunions that do involve sawing them off. She says as a dancer and mother of three the options that the doctors she has seen are are not an option.

A podiatrist has told her that if she is done dancing and wearing high heels than surgery is the best option.

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"I'm tired of living with the pain. I need help and better options than the ones I have been given," she says, explaining that she has also dealt with blisters and an infection on her bunion in addition to extreme pain, which travels up from her feet to her head.

"I need my feet... I don't want to end up crippled or in a wheelchair," she tells us.

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Podiatrist Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi explains that a bunion is a result of a drift or a shift of the bone in the big toe, which will then push against the nerves and the tendons and then can cause pain. He says this condition is usually inherited from parents.

Dr. Khosroabadi tells Alsion that her performs a minimally invasive bunion procedure and he believes that she is a good candidate for his procedure, which he says will not end her career in dance. He offers her the surgery at no cost to her.