Is Sleeping with Your Dog in Your Bed Unhealthy?

Playing Is Sleeping with Your Dog In Your Bed Unhealthy?

The Doctors answer a question from DailyMailTV's Jesse Palmer that many pet owners might also be wondering about.

The TV host tells us that his adorable French bulldog Tuuli often sleeps in his bed and he asks if there are any health risks about letting her in his bed after she walks on the city streets.

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"What sort of germs am I bringing into bed when I don't wipe [my dog's] paws?" Jesse asks The Doctors.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains it is possible that "quite a collection" of germs could be present on the bottom of your dog's feet.

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The Doctors say if possible that you and your dogs should have separate "dens." Jesse says that Tuuli is not good at taking no for answer, so he's going to have to be diligent about wiping her paws after going for a walk.

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