Emergency Preparedness

The Doctors provide must-know information to always be prepared for an emergency.

• Keep emergency phone numbers, such as your doctors, hospital, poison control and 911 in your cell phone, next to your home phone and in your car. The National Poison Control Hotline number is 1-800-222-1222.

Get First Aid Certified

Learn about ProFirstAid, which offers an online First Aid Certification course.

• I.C.E. your cell phones. If you're unconscious or unresponsive, medical personnel will typically look in your phone index for I.C.E. -- In Case of Emergency. Have an emergency contact number saved under I.C.E.

If you take medications, keep a list of those with you, either saved in your phone or on a medical ID bracelet or necklace, so if you do end up in the hospital, the doctors will know what they are.

Keep an updated first aid kit in the house and know how to use it.

Get first aid certified so you are ready to handle basic procedures and injuries at home.