Can You Get Herpes on Your Eyes and Hands?

Playing How Contagious is Herpes?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors share that herpes, which you might associate with getting on your mouth and genitals, can also be spread to other areas of the body.

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry says that in addition to mouth-to-genital and genital-to-mouth transmission, touching a herpetic lesion or the fluid from a herpetic lesion can cause an outbreak in areas like the eyes.

She also warns that herpes can spread to the fingers and thumbs in something called herpetic whitlow, which can often be transmitted through a cut in the finger.

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To combat the spread of herpes, The Doctors recommend practicing good hygiene and if you have herpes there are anti-virals which can be taken to cut down on outbreaks. They also encourage those with herpes to not pop sores, as this can cause it to spread to other areas.