Woman's Transformation with the Menopause Makeover

Playing The Menopause Makeover

Karen shares that she is not happy with her body now that she is her 50s.

"I don't like what I see in the mirror. I don't feel comfortable in my own body," she says, explaining that she is getting liposuction on her abdomen and flanks ahead of her wedding. She says she's tired of feeling "chubby or poochy" and goes to see plastic surgeon Dr. Suzanne Trott, also known as The LipoQueen.

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Dr. Trott says Karen is great for what she calls "The Menopause Makeover," which will use liposuction to address her "tire around the middle" of her body and her love handles. Dr. Trott tells The Doctors that for many women at Karen's age that genetics and a decrease in estrogen levels can contribute to how hard it is to combat this fat. In Karen's case, she was able to remove a liter and a half of fat during the procedure.

Karen joins the panel to show off her stunning transformation, saying, "I'm so happy. It's amazing. I wish I had done it 10 years earlier." She says she has more confidence and loves the way her clothes now fit.

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Dr. Trott says this procedure can help those are a looking to kickstart their fitness regime and will help with those stubborn areas of the body that seem impossible to tone. She also says she believes that this procedure is more effective than things like freezing your fat and laser liposuction.