Forgotten Forceps Left in Patient?

Playing Doctor Sews Up Patient with Forceps Inside?

The Doctors discuss the case of a woman who claims her doctor left eight-inch forceps in her abdomen after she had a benign tumor removed. The 52-year-old woman is suing the hospital and the doctor who performed the surgery for medical negligence.

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"It doesn't take a doctor to realize those forceps are not supposed to be there," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says, explaining that something like this would not normally occur, especially during a planned surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes, "This does not happen very often," explaining that there are checks and balances in place to ensure that nothing is left being during a surgery. He adds, "This should have never have happened. This is inexcusable."

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The Doctors say that this highlights the importance of speaking with your healthcare provider if you have continued and excessive pain or discomfort following a surgery or a procedure.