How to Eat 3 Healthy Meals on a Busy Schedule

Playing Healthy Meal Makeovers from ‘America’s Test Kitchen’

The Doctors talk about how to incorporate healthy meals and snacks in your busy schedule and welcome Julia Collin Davison from PBS's "America’s Test Kitchen" to show us how to make sure the food you're eating is nutritious.

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Julia, who is also the author of "Nutritious Delicious," says getting nutrient dense foods -- also known as "superfoods" -- is key. Her goal is to not limit what someone eats but to simply incorporate more of these nutrient dense foods into your meals.

She shares her recipes for her "Quinoa Granola With Sunflower Seeds and Almonds," "Pinto Bean-Beet Burgers," and "One-Pan Chicken with Kale and Butternut Squash."

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Dr. Travis says, "I think you're doing a good job of teaching people that food can be your medicine and it tastes great as well."

Get all the "America’s Test Kitchen" recipes, here.