Are Sex Dreams about Your Boss Normal?

Playing Are Sex Dreams Normal?

The Doctors weigh in on a viewer question about whether having a sex dream about your boss or a co-worker is normal.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho says, "[Dreams] are not really about what you think it is about. Often times, sex dreams -- like all dreams -- are really symbolisms for other things and themes that are important in your life."

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She says that a sex dream about a boss or a co-worker could mean that you simply admire a trait or quality about them. She also says that dreaming about an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend does not necessarily mean you want to be with that person again, noting that often times past memories are recalled and played out in our dreams

Dr. Judy goes on to explain that often dreams are a result of random neurons firing in your brain and they can be all over the place.

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The Doctors note that medications and erratic sleep patterns can affect your dreams.

As for red flags in dreams, Dr. Judy says repeated traumatic dreams can be a sign of a past unresolved trauma or possibly PTSD.