Woman Who Used Meth to Lose Weight Slims down Naturally

Playing Woman Who Used Meth to Lose Weight Gets Sober and Slims down Naturally

To deal with her weight, Grace says she went to extreme measures -- including meth!

She says in high school she first began using laxatives in an attempt to lose weight, saying she would take up to 30 laxatives a night. Grace reveals she also suffered from bulimia and then turned to using meth in hopes of getting skinny.

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Grace tells The Doctors she was using it every day for nearly 2 and a half years and she would use it multiple times in a day. She tells us this affected her eating and sleep. She feared that her drug use would also affect her relationship with boyfriend Tommy. When she revealed her drug use to her boyfriend, he told her he would stick by her side and help her kick the habit. She says this was the moment when she knew that she was finally done with drugs. After getting married, she decided she was going to lose weight the natural way through healthy eating and exercise, and she was able to drop 110 pounds.

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She tells The Doctors that her "click moment" came when she was driving an hour from her house in order to find clothes that fit her.

Tommy shares that he and Grace now cook more together and try to stay active with each other. "I'm just so proud of everything she has accomplished," he shares.

Grace's tip for others dealing with weight struggles is to "stay positive" and remember that a weight loss transformation will not happen overnight. She also recommends documenting your journey online to help keep you motivated and to keep you accountable.

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