Why 'Bachelorette' Star Andi Dorfman Decided to Freeze Her Eggs

Playing ‘The Bachelorette’s’ Andi Dorfman on Dating

Reality star Andi Dorfman, who has appeared on "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" joins The Doctors to chat about her new book "Single State of Mind" and to discuss her experience freezing her eggs.

She says that when she was about to turn 30, she decided to take steps to ensure the possibility of becoming a mother.

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"I felt this weird sense of not being in the place I wanted to be in at age 29," Andi says, explaining she was single but she knew she wanted kids. She tells us that she wanted to alleviate some of the pressure she was feeling about having kids.

"I did it alone and I didn't have that excited attitude," she continues, explaining that she felt some shame and embarrassment about doing it on her own, but proceeded in order to hopefully ensure her ability to have kids down the line.

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Looking back on it, she says, "It is one of the smartest decision I have ever made, maybe not the happiest, but one of the smartest decisions." She tells The Doctors that she has found love, but remains tight-lipped on what that exactly means!