Permanent Birth Control

When a couple decides they are done having kids, what are the best forms for permanent birth control? OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson reveals the safest options.

Permanent Birth Control Procedures
Learn about Adiana — a non-surgical and permanent form of birth control.

Ask Dr. Lisa

When it comes to permanent birth control, who should go under the knife: the man or the woman?

Intra-Uterine Devices
An intrauterine device or IUD is an excellent option for couples looking for a long-term birth control solution.

The IUD uses copper, rather than hormones, to create a hostile environment for sperm; and it has been deemed safe and effective for up to 10 years, and is easily placed and removed by a doctor. Dr. Lisa cautions that it is critical that a woman does not have a vaginal infection when the IUD is placed, as that can cause complications that lead to infertility.

IUDs and cervical cancer

Learn about vasectomies.