Mom Who Lost Son in Las Vegas Shooting Meets with Medium

Playing Mother Who Lost Son in Vegas Shooting Looks for Answers

Debby lost her son Christopher in the horrific Las Vegas massacre and she meets with psychic medium and author John Holland in hopes of easing her grieving.

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Debby and her son, who was in the Navy, were in Las Vegas together for the concert. When the shooting began, they were not with each other. In the midst of the mele, she attempted to find her son, but he died in someone else's arms before she could reach him.

When Debby meets with John, he tells her that "words, images, and feelings" come to him and the grieving mother appears stunned by the results. Despite the skepticism regarding mediums, Debby says meeting with John has helped her. "I woke up today for the first time since he passed with a sense of comfort that I hadn't felt since [he died]," she shares.

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John says despite Christopher's passing that he still feels his lightness, joy, and humor. He contends that it is the love that Debby and Christopher shared that allows him to access the slain soldier.  Debby says that John was able to tell her things about her son that no one else knew and that caused her to believe in John's abilities.

John tells us that he believes passed loved ones are able to communicate with us through dreams, smells and that they can also connect with us sometimes through a touch or a kiss.