Could These Acronyms Help You Slim Down?

Playing 3 Acronyms to Help You Get Slim

The Doctors welcome integrative health expert and author of “Super Woman Rx,” Dr. Taz Bhatia who shares her acronyms that could help you slim down.

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MCT: She says this stands for medium chain triglycerides, which she calls a "good fat" and is burned "very quickly" in the body. Dr. Bhatia says it can help prevent weight gain, can suppress the appetite, and boost the metabolism. She explains this can be found in things like coconut oil and grass-fed butter. She says not to exceed more than a tablespoon per day.

ACV: Dr. Bhatia says this refers to apple cider vinegar, which she says can help to burn belly fat and can help prevent fat from accumulating around the liver. She also says it can stabilize insulin, balance blood-sugar levels, and kill the yeast Candida, which she says can lead to sugar cravings. She suggests adding an ounce of apple cider vinegar to warm water and drink daily, or to sprinkle on your salad or veggies. She recommends not drinking it straight as it can burn the esophagus.

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DCW: She says stands for a tonic of dandelion, celery, and water, which she blends together and drinks. She says she enjoys the taste and claims it can help with bloating, digestion and to help rid the body of extra water.