Does ASMR Have Health Benefits?

Playing What is ASMR?

Could the sound of soap shaving, whispering, finger tapping or pickle eating help with your health?

The Doctors discuss autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), which many claim can help to alleviate stress, insomnia, depression, and pain.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho explains that people believe that ASMR helps to promote a feeling of relaxation. Some even claim that they feel the effects of ASMR for hours after, but Dr. Judy says there have been no controlled studies on it and any possible health benefits have yet to be determined. She says she does have clients who "swear by this" and she says they use it as an alternative therapeutic technique.

The Doctors warn against stopping any medication or treatment for ASMR.

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We also welcome social media star Spirit, who is also known as "The Pickle Lady." She says that ASMR has helped her cope with her rapid degenerative bone disease, which she says was causing her anxiety. Spirit says ASMR helped to ease her anxiety. She was inspired to start her own ASMR video channel to help others.