Can You Blackout from Rage and Anger?

Playing Can You Blackout From Anger?

Can someone see so much red that it causes that person to blackout and not remember what they have done? The Doctors discuss the case of a man who was accused of strangling his wife but claims he completely blacked out and does not remember the incident.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho -- who notes that she does not know this man's background -- says that blacking out is often a symptom for people who have had early trauma in their life or severe trauma like rape or PTSD, and says this could be an example of a disassociation symptom.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry wonders if some people are overutilizing this to explain their behavior.

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Dr. Judy says that for people who do truly suffer from this that their brains can "shut down" in order to protect themselves. She notes that these blackout moments are rare. Dr. Judy says some possible ways to de-escalate your anger include:

  • Taking 10 long deep breaths
  • Stopping and feeling the chair you are sitting in
  • Place a heavy blanket over your legs
  • Practicing mindfulness techniques in order to keep you present and in the moment