Did PTSD Treatment Help the Nurse Set on Fire?

Playing Nurse Set on Fire Undergoes PTSD Treatment

Earlier this season in a Doctors exclusive, we met Army First Lieutenant Katie Blanchard, the nurse who miraculously survived after she was set on fire by a coworker.

While in the hospital being treated, she began experiencing PTSD and had trouble sleeping. Katie received treatment from PTSD specialist Dr. Eugene Lipov, who pioneered a groundbreaking treatment for PTSD with a simple epidermal injection to the neck. Katie and Dr. Lipov return to share how the treatment has transformed her life.

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"It was amazing. It was life-altering for me. I would highly recommend it for anyone suffering from PTSD. Anybody who has been through a traumatic experience knows how emotionally and psychically you feel trapped. It's really just made my life 110 times better," she shares, explaining that her she feels her anxiety, depression and ability to sleep at night has dramatically improved.

Dr. Lipov explains following a trauma the body can "go into overdrive" and has a biological reaction that can affect the brain and cause symptoms like Katie was experiencing.

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Katie's sister Jessica tells us there has a been a "tremendous change" for her sibling. "She has that light in her eyes again... she's been able to find happiness and even become an even better mom than she was before. It's beautiful to see the change and have my sister back," she says.

The nurse is happy to share she is now also now pursuing her master's degree in nursing education. "You guys are such a blessing in my life and you have given me such great opportunities. You guys have permanently affected the route I take in life and really have motivated me to help others and continue on," Katie tells Dr. Lipov and The Doctors .