Can What You Eat Affect Your Love Life?

Playing Would You Date Someone Based on the Contents of Their Fridge?

Can the contents of your refrigerator affect your love life?

The Doctors welcome Mina, who is looking for love and must decide on which single guy to go on a date with based on what they keep in their refrigerator. Here to help Mina is fridge dating expert John Stonehill, who tells us, "Nothing says more about who we are than what we eat and what we drink and most of our dating revolves around eating or drinking. So, if we can find compatibility on the eating and drinking front, that's a great path to really having a lot of fun with somebody moving forward."

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Mina tells us she's looking for a sense of humor, someone who does not take themselves too seriously, someone who is not politically correct all the time, a guy with shared values and someone who is looking to commit at some point.

Notable items inside Dater #1's fridge (Thomas): 60 eggs, 2 half-gallons of orange juice, 4 half-gallons of soy milk, pasta sauces and chocolate syrup.

Notable items inside Dater #2's fridge (Josh): Only fresh produce and condiments, which John says could be a sign of "chaos" in Josh's life.

Notable items inside Dater #3's fridge (John): Chicken, ground beef, spinach and numerous types of hot sauces, which the dating expert says could be a sign of a spicy bedroom life.

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Our fridge dating expert feels that Dater #3, John, might be the best fit for Mina based on the type of refrigerator he has and its contents.

Find out who Mina picks in the video below, and see exclusive footage of Mina and her pick on their date, here!