Man's Head Dented by Too Much Sun?

Playing See Why This Sunburn Pic Went Viral

The Doctors discuss the case of a man who says his sunburn was so bad that it left him with a condition where he was able to press down on his head leaving a massive dent!

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A man in Texas posted photos of himself after shaving his head and then mowing the lawn, but he says he forgot to wear sunscreen and he got a severe sunburn. The sunburn caused swelling that allowed him to put a large dent in his forehead by pressing down, which he says lasted for over 30 minutes.

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra explains the swelling is an example of pitting edema, which is when fluid from injured dermis cells flows into the skin and this caused him to be able to make the large dimple on his head.

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The Doctors urge those with thinning or no hair to always use sunscreen or to wear a protective and broad-rimmed hat.