Liquid Nitrogen Dessert Dangers?

Playing Liquid Nitrogen Desserts: Trendy or Toxic?

Desserts made with liquid nitrogen are all the rage, but are there any dangers with these super cold treats?

The Doctors note that liquid nitrogen items are at a bone-chilling -320 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says liquid nitrogen is commonly used in her area of medicine to freeze warts and burn off skin cancers. She also explains that when it touches your skin it causes frostbite and kills the tissue.

"This could actually cause some serious injuries in the wrong hands," Dr. Batra says, noting that before you consume any food with liquid nitrogen that the liquid part of it should be evaporated. She also warns that if you come in contact with liquid nitrogen it could blister the skin and could also damage your eyes.

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In one case in India, a man reportedly burned a hole in his stomach from drinking liquid nitrogen... something The Doctors strongly warn against.