How to Save Big Bucks on Date Night

Playing Secret Date Night Savings

According to one study, couples who have a date night once a month are approximately 15 percent less likely to break up. But a night out can be expensive, which leads some to skip out on going out. The Krazy Coupon Lady Joanie Demer joins The Doctors to share online resources that can help you save money on your date night.

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Dealflicks: She says this website can help you to save 30 to 35 percent on movie tickets and concessions by giving deals on unsold movie tickets. She says this site works with 750 participating theaters nationwide.

SittingAround: She explains this site helps connects users with a local babysitting cooperative, which is an organized babysitting swap, where you can earn points for watching other people's children and then you can have other people in the co-op to watch your children, while you spend the night out.

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Survey Junkie: Joanie says if you need some extra cash for date night, consider taking online surveys to help fund a night out. Another option is using, which she says will reward you for your online searches, and could help you get some more extra cash.