Would You Go to a Yoga Class That Involved Alcohol?

Playing Would You Try Drunk Yoga?

The Doctors discuss a new approach to yoga -- a class that involves drinking alcohol while doing downward dog?!

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They explain the beginner-level 90-minute class, which takes palace in a bar, begins with a happy hour and then transitions into a yoga class. The idea behind the creative approach is to have people exercise in a nonjudgmental environment and try out yoga without feeling intimidated.

One possible concern is that the class has rules, one of them being if you lose your balance, then participants are required to take a drink.

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The Doctors question if drinking during class could affect someone's balance, calling it "a little counter-intuitive." ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says that if it's possible to stick to one glass of wine in order to help you relax that he sees the possible benefits of this type of yoga class.