DIY Microblading Dangers!

Playing At-Home Microblading Kit?

Microblading is all the rage for eyebrows, but is this something you should be doing at home?

The Doctors weigh in on at-home microblading kits, which are available to buy online, and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra delivers a strong warning.

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"This is a terrible idea," she says, explaining the cosmetic tattoos are something that only a trained and certified professional should do.

She says the pigments that come with the online microblading kits can possibly be very dangerous. She says the pigments in the kits have been known to cause allergic reactions, granulomas, and if not done in a sterile environment a secondary bacterial infection can possibly occur.

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Dr. Batra also notes that if you do the wrong outline on the brow area, it will be something you are stuck with for many months. She also recommends when you see a professional for this procedure to ask about their training and to see before and after photos of their work.