Would You Pass Gas to Avoid Getting Hit On?

Playing How to Avoid Getting Hit on at the Gym

Would you pass gas or pretend to pass gas to avoid getting hit on at the gym?

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The Doctors discuss examples of women who have either feigned a toot or actually let one rip in order to get rid of an aggressive guy while working out. These women took to social media to share their stories and received kudos from other women who have been in similar situations.

The Doctors share that according to multiple studies that flatulence in women is considered one of the biggest turnoffs.

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon suggests saying, "I'm in a relationship, no thank you," if you're dealing with someone hitting on you that you are not interested in. The Doctors also recommend being firm and definitive in your response and do not leave room for the option of a future date. For instance, do not say, "I'm busy this week," which could make someone think they have a shot somewhere down the line.